US Weekly – Madonna’s Hot Ballet Workout


3 Responses to “US Weekly – Madonna’s Hot Ballet Workout”

  1. Addicted to Barre 3 | Mommy goes to New York Says:

    […] Well, I have a new found addiction.  Barre 3.  Where the ballet barre meets yoga and pilates.  Known as Madonna’s hot ballet workout. […]

  2. Urban Bliss Life » Wonder Woman #10: Sadie Lincoln Says:

    […] business savvy. You might have read about Sadie’s work with the divine Miss M(adonna) in US Weekly (Madonna is a barre3 addict). I’ve taken one of her classes, and believe me, barre3 is NO […]

  3. Juicer Junk & Tutu Dreams | What's Jen Eating? Says:

    […] was picked up by Madonna to be her personal trainer…and that got some buzz for Barre3 in US Weekly and various fitness […]

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