Archive for the ‘Testimonials’ Category reviews Barre3. Better Workout for Better Posture.

September 30, 2010

The importance of posture, alignment, and a neutral spine comes full circle in barre3 as we began and ended class in Tadasana, or Standing pose. Unlike other Lotte Berk inspired methods, socks are not worn during class so we can re-train how we stand by engaging the core and balancing weight on both feet. Are you putting too much pressure on your heels or toes? Are you spreading weight evenly throughout your feet? Have you developed any unhealthy habits from kitten heels or stilettos? If you’ve got to wear socks, at least make them Toe Sox, so that your toes touch and interact with the ground. This foot philosophy, focused on re-training how we stand and move after developing unhealthy habits, reminds me of the barefoot runners in Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run. It’s all about getting back to the basics.

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Preparing to walk down the aisle

July 30, 2009

from Jenny on Fig Studio’s blog:

I’ve been attending Barre3 classes for the past month to help prepare for my own walk down the aisle and as a great way to get my day started. I’m not much for regular gyms and truthfully I could use a few lessons in graceful movement. The combination of controlled ballet movements, yoga, and pilates has been an incredible lesson for my body and awareness of movement. I highly recommend checking it out for yourself if you are in the Portland area. Barre3 has a great 3 for $30 intro price too!

My booty loves barre3

July 30, 2009

from Jessica Zanhow’s blog:

Sadie Lincoln, the founder of Barre 3, is a savvy entrepreneur, a mom, an athlete. Barre 3 is about balance, and focuses on achieving balance through principals from a few different modalities such as yoga, pilates, ballet. Sadie is also catering to a vital group of women in Portland, moms. She’s implemented a childcare center on-site, so moms can make room for their fitness routines and even some shopping while down in the Pearl.

What do I love about Barre3?
My booty loves Barre 3. It’s seriously getting firmer. I love that it’s about experimenting with movement and observing how your body feels with minute adjustments. Such a parallel to life in that, no? We make all these tiny little adjustments that gradually bring us in line with our purpose. I love that at Barre 3 I am in the company of inspiring, beautiful, supportive women. I love the sense of community Sadie has created through her collaboration with other local businesses, and through her incorporation of a childcare center.