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barre3 featured in Prevention Magazine

March 7, 2012

Have you checked out our latest workout?  It is a 30-minute barre3 “Ballet Boot Camp” workout featured in Prevention magazine this month. Prevention magazine had 15 women test this workout as part of a month long challenge.  The participants blew me away.  They had such great success!  I am really proud of them.  Here’s what a couple of them had to say:

“I now walk with grace and confidence, and I’m wearing clothes that have been in the closet for 10 years!” – Susie Desmond, 68 who lost 12.8 pounds in 25 days

“My stomach is flat for the first time in my life!” – Misty Tompoles, 38 who lost 3.5 inches off her waist in 25 days

Follow this weekly plan inspired by the success of our Prevention magazine test group.  They did it for a month.  Can you commit to the same?

You can find the workouts I suggest below at  The first 10 minutes of the Ballet Boot Camp is free and featured on our homepage.  Those of you with a barre3 studio near by can substitute any of the mybarre3 home workouts with live classes.   And of course, you can make this plan your own by swapping days according to your schedule.   Feel free to break up the workouts throughout your day.  The Ballet Boot Camp, for example can be broken into (3) 10-minute workouts or can be done all at once for a 30-minute workout.

Day 1:  barre3 Ballet Boot Camp – 30 minutes

Day 2:  barre3 Runners Workout – 30 minutes  +  Run or Brisk Walk – 30 minutes cardio

Day 3:  barre3 Core Focus – 10 minutes  +  Hike or walk stairs – 30 minutes cardio

Day 4:  barre3 Shape – 60 minutes

Day 5:  barre3 Dancers Stretch – 10 minutes  +  Dance or Brisk Walk – 30 minutes cardio

Day 6:  barre3 Lift – 40 minutes

Day 7:  Rest

To speed up your weight loss goals include these healthy eating tips from barre3 Functional Nutritionist Andrea Nakayama.  For more information about Andrea Nakayama, visit

Here’s an online version of the Prevention magazine article outlining the barre3 Ballet Boot Camp Challenge and success of 15 testers.

Be sure to share your questions and success below in the comment section!  You can also connect with us on Facebook for daily tips on how to stay balanced and fit.


Barre3 featured in the August issue of Oregon Business Magazine

August 11, 2011

Barre3 grows with revival of group fitness classes

“For decades, people have been sweating and stretching as an instructor leads the way (think Jazzercise, step aerobics or Jane Fonda). As long as misery loves company, it seemed group fitness classes would endure. But in the past few years — since the recession — group classes have become even more in vogue, a trend that’s buoyed a Portland-based startup.

Barre3, a fitness studio that offers hour-long classes structured around the same kind of “barre” ballet dancers use, opened its first location in Southeast Portland in 2008. Since then the company has sold 22 franchises, four of which are in the Philippines…”

“…Founder and instructor Sadie Lincoln, who launched the company with her husband, Chris Lincoln, says she didn’t anticipate such rapid growth, fueled in part by glowing media coverage in high-circulation publications including Marie Claire, Shape and US Weekly. (US Weekly revealed that Madonna was using the Barre3 method to stay in shape.) Not only did the coverage attract new franchisees, but it also propelled sales of Lincoln’s DVD based on the studio’s workout techniques — an extra she originally created for clients who weren’t able to make it to the studio…”

Read full article here

Better TV segment – a great overview of barre3!

June 3, 2011

Better, is a nationally syndicated lifestyle TV show.  They recently visited our flagship Portland Pearl District studio to interview Sadie and our clients.  If you’re new to barre3, this is a great overview!

Sadie Lincoln of barre3 is coming to New York to workout with Well+Good readers | Well+Good NYC

February 24, 2011

Sadie Lincoln of barre3 is coming to visit Well+Good readers

barre3 founder Sadie Lincoln

Workout With Us — and barre3 founder Sadie Lincoln

Breaking news!

Well+Good readers are invited to a closed Lululemon store for an exclusive workout with celebrated (and celebrity) fitness innovator, Sadie Lincoln, the creator of barre3.

Lincoln, whose flagship studio is based in Portland, Oregon, will be in New York City for a quick East Coast jaunt, and she’s set aside time in her packed schedule to train 35 lucky Well+Good readers.

Be sure to circle Sunday, March 13 in your fitness datebook: The class will take place at the Lululemon store in Lincoln Square (1928 Broadway, at 64th Street), at 9:00 a.m. And it’s free for Well+Good subscribers.

Check back on Monday morning when we open the reservation line to attend this very special Workout With Us event!

For more information about Sadie Lincoln and barre3, visit

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Sadie Lincoln will also be presenting at the ECA/OBOW NYC Fitness show in NYC on March 10 -13th at the Marriott Marquis hotel. you can go to for information

MizzFit compares barre workouts and interviews Sadie Lincoln

October 29, 2010

Check out some barre3 moves you can do right at your kitchen counter in this interview with MizzFit! reviews Barre3. Better Workout for Better Posture.

September 30, 2010

The importance of posture, alignment, and a neutral spine comes full circle in barre3 as we began and ended class in Tadasana, or Standing pose. Unlike other Lotte Berk inspired methods, socks are not worn during class so we can re-train how we stand by engaging the core and balancing weight on both feet. Are you putting too much pressure on your heels or toes? Are you spreading weight evenly throughout your feet? Have you developed any unhealthy habits from kitten heels or stilettos? If you’ve got to wear socks, at least make them Toe Sox, so that your toes touch and interact with the ground. This foot philosophy, focused on re-training how we stand and move after developing unhealthy habits, reminds me of the barefoot runners in Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run. It’s all about getting back to the basics.

Read full review here.

barre3 review on FitSugar

September 28, 2010

“Sadie has developed her own exercise all of which we explored in the class. We did a series of modified crunches and push-ups, with optional small hand-weights to increase the level of difficulty. Reassuringly, like in yoga, she reiterated that the best students aren’t the ones who can do the highest level of work; rather, they’re the ones who know when to stop. She also shared that she’s only allowed twelve students to practice at an advanced level, after about two years each of doing Barre3. Amy, meanwhile, said that after her own study of Barre3, she actually measures taller! A veritable bragging point for this exercise method.”

Read full article.

Which barre workout is right for you?

August 24, 2010

from MizzFit, July 2010.  Read full article.

“…I tested out 3 different barre workouts–two classes and one DVD–to get a sense of the differences between the brands…The main players in the barre studio arena are: The Bar Method, Physique57 and barre3…Of the three workouts I tried, this (barre3) was the most distinctively different. Many of the same exercises are incorporated, but the barre3 method really focuses on posture and elongation more than the other two…It’s definitely still challenging, and you will still feel the burn, but you will feel much more grounded and open as you do it…”

Belly Up To Barre3 For A New Workout Routine – Video – KPTV Portland

January 27, 2010

Perfect Moms Finish Last – barre3 Founder, Sadie Lincoln is interviewed

January 22, 2010

Sadie Lincoln

Barre Babe. Fit Mom. In Pursuit of Balance.

Sadie Lincoln is the co-founder of Barre3, a family of exercise studios and a fitness program combining the grace of the ballet barre with the wisdom of yoga and the strength of pilates. Sadie spent 10 years at 24 Hour Fitness running the group exercise program and developing global sales, marketing and brand communications strategy. Working directly with the founder and CEO, she helped grow the company into the largest chain of health clubs worldwide (that same CEO is now a co-founder and advisor). Sadie raises her two children and runs her company from Portland, Oregon and BALANCE is a core value of her business, practice and life.

"When I eat chocolate to soothe myself, I just let myself do it, and I don’t give myself a lot of anxiety about it. That kind of mindset just helps.

Download Sadie’s Interview:

Learn more about Sadie at

FOX 12 News Coverage

January 21, 2010

1/19/10 – FOX 12 Oregon visited our Portland Southeast studio to learn more about barre3!

Watch a Video Clip

Article in NW Kids – May 2009 issue

June 8, 2009

Mom Hip Tip

If you’re a busy parent of a young child, chances are you have mastered life one-handed—from ordering your morning coffee, using your keys to open the door, to brushing your teeth at night. As your reward, you have the Mom Hip.

Sadie Lincoln has studied body alignment for more than 15 years and has incorporated its principles into her pilates-yoga-ballet program at the Barre3 studio. She says she can spot clients who have children within the first few minutes of her class by the imbalance caused by the Mom Hip. “The shoulder on one side is slightly elevated, one hip is higher than the other, and the feet are unevenly weighted,” she notes. (more…)