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Sadie Lincoln of barre3 is coming to New York to workout with Well+Good readers | Well+Good NYC

February 24, 2011

Sadie Lincoln of barre3 is coming to visit Well+Good readers

barre3 founder Sadie Lincoln

Workout With Us — and barre3 founder Sadie Lincoln

Breaking news!

Well+Good readers are invited to a closed Lululemon store for an exclusive workout with celebrated (and celebrity) fitness innovator, Sadie Lincoln, the creator of barre3.

Lincoln, whose flagship studio is based in Portland, Oregon, will be in New York City for a quick East Coast jaunt, and she’s set aside time in her packed schedule to train 35 lucky Well+Good readers.

Be sure to circle Sunday, March 13 in your fitness datebook: The class will take place at the Lululemon store in Lincoln Square (1928 Broadway, at 64th Street), at 9:00 a.m. And it’s free for Well+Good subscribers.

Check back on Monday morning when we open the reservation line to attend this very special Workout With Us event!

For more information about Sadie Lincoln and barre3, visit

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Sadie Lincoln will also be presenting at the ECA/OBOW NYC Fitness show in NYC on March 10 -13th at the Marriott Marquis hotel. you can go to for information


Madonna Opens International Fitness Centers

October 25, 2010

The first Hard Candy is opening in Mexico City.  BarWorks, created by Sadie Lincoln will be featured in Hard Candy  Fitness centers.

Read press release here: reviews Barre3. Better Workout for Better Posture.

September 30, 2010

The importance of posture, alignment, and a neutral spine comes full circle in barre3 as we began and ended class in Tadasana, or Standing pose. Unlike other Lotte Berk inspired methods, socks are not worn during class so we can re-train how we stand by engaging the core and balancing weight on both feet. Are you putting too much pressure on your heels or toes? Are you spreading weight evenly throughout your feet? Have you developed any unhealthy habits from kitten heels or stilettos? If you’ve got to wear socks, at least make them Toe Sox, so that your toes touch and interact with the ground. This foot philosophy, focused on re-training how we stand and move after developing unhealthy habits, reminds me of the barefoot runners in Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run. It’s all about getting back to the basics.

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TIME Magazine Article – “Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin”

August 12, 2009

Why, might you ask, is an owner of an exercise studio posting an article about how exercise does NOT help you lose weight?   Well, I actually agree.  In fact, as this article points out, as gym memberships have increased so have our waistlines.  I am a part of this statistic– at least I used to be.  In my 20’s I was a  very driven “cardio queen” seeking a slimmer physique.  I was also a good 10lbs heavier than I am now.  I was working hard, sweating hard, and as a result my appetite increased and I ended up consuming more than I was working off.  I also lacked an awareness about my body and how to be centered and balanced.  After discovering yoga and Pilates in my early 30’s I shed pounds.   Through my practice I developed a deeper awareness and appreciation for food and when I was full.  Now at 37 (and two kids later) I am slimmer than I was back then–and a lot less sweaty.

barre3 was born out of this very experience and my desire to create a new way to get lean.   One of our mantras is “work smarter not harder”.  We are focused on all the small actions in the body that build stability, grace and a long and lean physique.  But even more than what happens in the hour we spend in the studio– it is the 23 hours after that really counts. Are you standing taller, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, holding back on seconds and enjoying quality time with friends and loved ones?  All this, in my humble opinion, is the magical formula to being balanced and as a result thinner.

TIME Magazine Article:,8599,1914857,00.html

I also copied the article: (more…)