barre3 Thanksgiving week canned food drive



One of our guiding principles at barre3 is “Give Generously”.   For me, Thanksgiving celebrates this principle more than any other Holiday.  There are no expectations of fancy gifts or extravagant parties.  Just simple, thoughtful time with those I care for including my community. This year we are collecting canned food in all of our studios nationwide. In exchange for bringing in a few cans of food, we are giving complimentary classes out.  This is a simple way to give back and connect with us.

You can also join us for a festive class on Thanksgiving morning.  These are my absolute favorite classes to teach and take.   My local barre3 studio is part of my extended family and I know all my franchisees and many of our clients feel the same way.  We are truly blessed.  If you can’t fit that in, do a quick barre3 online workout while stirring your Risotto!   And, if you opt for this, please think of my Mom and I sipping our bubbly doing a few barre3 moves of our own!   Cheers to you and your family.

Warm Holiday wishes to all of you!

Sadie Lincoln


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