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4 years of barre3 and my big 4-0!

August 14, 2012

This is a big month for me as I celebrate two big milestones.

THE BIG 4-0!  Anyone else born in 1972?  Happy 40th to you, too!  I am celebrating this month with a lot of quality time with my kids and dear friends.   I have a ton to be thankful for, and the barre3 community is at the very top of my list.

barre3 TURNS 4!  Four years ago, and after 20 years of teaching (half my life!), I launched my dream job and opened my first barre3 studio.

So, I’ve had some time to reflect on this growing older deal, what I’ve learned, and how it applies to this company I am building.   Keeping on the theme, here are 4 lessons that shape who I am these days.

#1 Surround yourself with BRIGHT people.

Bright has two meanings for me: intellectual and positive.  Both these attributes describe so many of the people who make barre3 successful, including my core team, who teach me every day how to be smarter and how to bring positive energy to everything I do.


This quote is one of my guiding principles, both personally and professionally.   Whether you are one of my clients, a team member, my friend or family, I remind myself each day to really understand you first before communicating what I am about.  My whole company is based on this one quote.   We constantly seek to understand our clients and our team members.  And we remind ourselves that we do not know it all, and we never will.   We find teachers and mentors outside of our company who challenge us to continually evolve our workouts to serve a balanced body and life.  I have to say, this isn’t an easy way to grow a company.  But, it is our way, and I am proud of it!

#3 “It’s the sand in the oyster that makes the pearl.”  

Having disruption in your life and body can create beauty and balance.  That’s how our bodies evolve and get stronger without plateauing.  Those shakes you get at the barre are a sign of your muscles breaking down and failing.   When they recover, you will be stronger.  It also applies to less favorable disruption.  For me, having a back injury has taught me so much.  It certainly can be disruptive, frustrating and painful.  But the beauty is in what I learned from it.  I learned to empathize with those in pain.  I learned to honor my truth and be present.  I learned that I needed to create a workout that empowers all of us, injured or not, young and old.

#4 Age is just a number.  Enough said!

Happy 4 barre3 community.