3 Characteristics of Great Teachers. By Sadie Lincoln, Founder barre3


Anyone who knows me knows I am at my best when I am teaching.  I am a passionate educator and I have built my entire company around a love of both teaching and learning.  But I do not only look within my company walls to learn.  I surround myself with great educators of all disciplines and walks of life.    Here are 3 characteristics these great teachers all have in common:

1.) Open minded.  “Seek first to understand, then be understood.” — Steven R. Covey
This is one of my all time favorite quotes.  Great teachers teach because they love learning and not just because they love being an expert.  They recognize that they are not all-knowing.

2.) Personal.  My favorite teachers are ones who really see me for who I am and how I learn.  They make the lesson personal, approachable, and meaningful.  I will never forget being in a yoga class when the teacher recited all 15+ of our names during seated meditation.   Hearing my name amongst the others was a clear indicator that this teacher really cared about each of us and our personal journey to health and well-being.

3.) Magnetic.  Teachers who love what they do and exude this energy, automatically draw students in.  Just ask my son.  He is in Kindergarten and has bloomed this year.  He is a passionate and engaged learner largely because he is basking in the light of a very magnetic teacher.   I often choose barre3 instructor-trainees based on their love for barre3 and how they express their dedication to helping others versus their technical skills.  I think a good teacher is 10% technical and 90% energy.

So here’s to all the many open minded, personal, and magnetic teachers out there.  I heart you!

Teachers, contact your studio to come in and enjoy 60 minutes for you.  You will be in good company I promise!


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