Interview with Lisa Schale-Drake, barre3 Corporate Master Trainer and Soon-to-be-Mom. By Sadie Lincoln, Founder barre3


I am so fortunate to be able witness some of my key team members become Moms for the first time.     I recently interviewed Lisa Schale-Drake who runs my instructor training program and stars in our latest release, a 30 minute pre-natal workout.    Read on to find out what makes Lisa a “fierce” mom-to-be of twins.

Q: First off congrats on being pregnant with TWINS!  You are an amazing multi-tasker so I have a feeling you will be equally amazing with a babe in each arm.   Speaking of… are there any barre3 postures that will help you hold them better?
A: So many!  I love any posture that works the back body.  I love Incline Chair because it works my biceps and strengthens the entire back line of my body.  I have a feeling I will need some strong biceps to pick up two car carriers.  They are surprisingly heavy!
Q:  At least your arms will be equally buff with two carriers!  What is the most surprising thing about being pregnant and exercising?
A: It amazes me how quickly the body adjusts and changes.  I looked back at a picture of me from just a few weeks ago and I am shocked by how much I have grown!  However,  I am also shocked by how little I feel pain in my body.  I really do believe that working out and listening to my body has been key.

Lisa Schale-Drake leading a 30-minute pre-natal workout on

Q: What is the most challenging part of doing barre3 while pregnant?
A: Breathing!  My soon to be girl loves to push on my ribcage, so I always feel short of breath.
Q: Have you noticed any shifts in how you approach fitness and specifically barre3 now that you are expecting twins?
A: Most definitely!  I have noticed that going slower and taking more breaks is key.  I am trying to listen and honor my body and modify if it doesn’t feel right.  There are many postures that I miss doing, but I know that it is for the best for my babies and me.
Q: Listening to your  body is a real gift.  Pregnant or not, we can all learn from this!   I like that you mentioned modifying.  I’ve noticed even you slowing down.  Can you speak more about this?
A: The reality is that I am working out for three!  Once I decided to stop trying to be turbo and instead decided to slow down, I was able to connect to the needs of my body much easier.  Now I can come to class and still get my shakes on during leg and seat, but find a sense of ease and release during core.  It is a great balance.
Q: I’m glad you are finding balance.  This is my big goal for moms at barre3!  Can you explain in your words how barre3 supports moms-to-be?
A: The community is so supportive and inviting.  I have had so many clients who are moms giving me great advice on baby products.  The instructors always take such good care of me.  And, I can’t wait to show off my twins in the childcare area.

barre3 Instructor, Darcy Harding (left)  joined a full class to celebrate Lisa’s send off before having her twins.

Q: Someone on Facebook recently commented on your new pre-natal workout and called you “officially the fiercest mom I know”.  I found this definition for fierce:  Showing a heartfelt and powerful intensity.  I couldn’t agree more with this description of you and I look forward to hearing from all the other fierce moms-to-be after doing your workout!
A: Love that!  I hope I live up to my new title once the twins are born.
Q: Any other comments or advice you would like to share to all of our moms-to-be?
A: Just enjoy this special time and honor your body.  And, occasionally enjoy a bowl of ice cream 🙂


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