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barre3 featured in Prevention Magazine

March 7, 2012

Have you checked out our latest workout?  It is a 30-minute barre3 “Ballet Boot Camp” workout featured in Prevention magazine this month. Prevention magazine had 15 women test this workout as part of a month long challenge.  The participants blew me away.  They had such great success!  I am really proud of them.  Here’s what a couple of them had to say:

“I now walk with grace and confidence, and I’m wearing clothes that have been in the closet for 10 years!” – Susie Desmond, 68 who lost 12.8 pounds in 25 days

“My stomach is flat for the first time in my life!” – Misty Tompoles, 38 who lost 3.5 inches off her waist in 25 days

Follow this weekly plan inspired by the success of our Prevention magazine test group.  They did it for a month.  Can you commit to the same?

You can find the workouts I suggest below at  The first 10 minutes of the Ballet Boot Camp is free and featured on our homepage.  Those of you with a barre3 studio near by can substitute any of the mybarre3 home workouts with live classes.   And of course, you can make this plan your own by swapping days according to your schedule.   Feel free to break up the workouts throughout your day.  The Ballet Boot Camp, for example can be broken into (3) 10-minute workouts or can be done all at once for a 30-minute workout.

Day 1:  barre3 Ballet Boot Camp – 30 minutes

Day 2:  barre3 Runners Workout – 30 minutes  +  Run or Brisk Walk – 30 minutes cardio

Day 3:  barre3 Core Focus – 10 minutes  +  Hike or walk stairs – 30 minutes cardio

Day 4:  barre3 Shape – 60 minutes

Day 5:  barre3 Dancers Stretch – 10 minutes  +  Dance or Brisk Walk – 30 minutes cardio

Day 6:  barre3 Lift – 40 minutes

Day 7:  Rest

To speed up your weight loss goals include these healthy eating tips from barre3 Functional Nutritionist Andrea Nakayama.  For more information about Andrea Nakayama, visit

Here’s an online version of the Prevention magazine article outlining the barre3 Ballet Boot Camp Challenge and success of 15 testers.

Be sure to share your questions and success below in the comment section!  You can also connect with us on Facebook for daily tips on how to stay balanced and fit.