barre3 At Home


Introducing mybarre3, your online workout program. Founder Sadie Lincoln continuously posts the most innovative barre3 workouts designed to shape, lift, and lengthen your entire body. Workout anywhere, anytime with unlimited access for only $15 a month.

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4 Responses to “barre3 At Home”

  1. Noni Says:

    I’m really really excited for this, as soon as I get paid I’m definitely subscribing. $15/month is a fantastic price for the amount of workouts you get. Thankyou! 😀

  2. Barre3 – A Review of the Knoxville Studio — Let's Talk and Walk Says:

    […] there is another option. Barre3 At Home. $15 a month for unlimited viewing of videos and workouts. Something to think […]

  3. whyyyjen Says:

    There is a barre3 dvd, right? Is it like the “barre3 at home” program?

  4. sadie Says:

    The barre3 Total Body Lift DVD is a 40 minute workout and comes with the ball. has 12 workouts similar to the dvd workout ranging from 10-60 minutes. You get unlimited access to these as a subscriber.

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