Eat, Live, Run + barre3


Hey Foodies!  This Eat, Live, Run blog is for you!  If you don’t already read this, you should!   We are big fans of Jenna and it turns out she is a fan of barre3!

“Sweet heavens. I tried the Barre3 workout yesterday (via dvd) for the first time and this morning I hurt in places one should never feel pain.”


One Response to “Eat, Live, Run + barre3”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I practiced basic yoga yrs ago. I am older now & disabled. I am overweight. I still like to use my hand weights & do chair exercise combining yoga, dance & tai chi movements & some standing tai chi. When I viewed your videos I noticed that every woman (a few men) looked like clones of ea other, similar ages & sizes. I saw no older ppl or overweight ppl. It is fine to use these forms of exercise to remain slim, but there is also as much of a need 4 ppl who would also like to help reduce joint stiffness/soreness & good balance & of course, possibly weight loss as an added bonus 4 some. Thus, this basically appears to resemble nothing more than a private club affair where slim, bird-eating, highly elite (incld celebrities) women/men, are provided an outlet to mingle with like-minded ppl, have a few cocktails. Besides, anyone can do these at home (cd & dvds & music), & of course, much, much cheaper. We have places here that provide yoga, pilates, tai chi & zumba classes at low rates (some even free) for ppl of all ages & sizes….thank you, but no thanks…

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