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3/5/10 –

Fitness S.O.S.

We’ve been diagnosed with OCD (Obsessed with Chocolate and Desserts) and FADD (Fitness Attention Deficit Disorder). Not shocking. We love to eat, and working out bores us. But when we had to wrestle on our skinny jeans with bingo arms a-jigglin’ we rushed to the nearest bar—Barre3, that is.

Their beautiful new studio just opened in southeast, where a variety of ballet-inspired yoga-slash-Pilates workouts are offered seven days a week. The instructors incorporate their own backgrounds (dance, paddle-boarding) into the full-body workouts, which can be tailored for any fitness level. After taking classes from several instructors, we never once got bored, just seriously worked. (Our abs were sore on Monday, triceps tender on Wednesday and our bums were feeling it on Friday.)

Not only does Barre3 help us with our FADD, it was EZ to get started. They believe it takes three classes for the body and mind to “get it,” so they offer a new client 3-pack of classes for just $30. Take any classes at the SE location (or the Pearl)—online class sign-ups (and childcare) make scheduling no sweat.

Barre3 (southeast)
2523 SE 22nd Ave.
Portland, OR 97202

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