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Get into Dance Shape!

February 22, 2010

By Megan Carver

Prepping for a certain dance audition? Getting yourself into dance shape? Trying to find classes? I have lots of suggestions 🙂

1) Barre 3 – I know I am about to become an instructor here, but I cannot describe in words what this class has done for my technique and balance. To get the strength, flexibility, and balance you need for dance, check out one of these classes. Again, lots of trainees are giving free classes right now, so head over to one of the studios and check it out.

2) Amy Beth Frankel – this gal is an astounding choreographer/dancer/actor/singer, she can do it ALL, and she teaches! Check out her info on facebook, just look up Amy’s Dance Classes. She is for sure a great resource and a very friendly gal with lots of experience.

3) Oregon Ballet Theatre – one of the smartest dancers I know told me once that the best way to improve your jazz/musical dancing skills is to take ballet. The form and technique is so important to the rest of your moves and will really help you feel grounded in your dancing.

4) Vega Dance Lab – this is one hell of a fun studio. From burlesque dancing to street jazz, this is a place to get your groove on and just have fun. Which, confidence in an audition is half the battle! The price is right, the space is great, and there is even a fun technique class taught on Sat mornings!

5) BodyVox – if you have ever seen one of bodyvox’s classes, you know there is TONS of stuff going on, and the body is used in so many different ways. This is an astounding company, and their classes are wonderful. Check them out too 🙂

6) Danny Black – if you are not a tapper and want to learn, or you want to get your hoofing feet back in shape, check out Fired Up Dance or Pacific Festival Ballet. He teaches at both these studios, and I have learned tap from him since flap-ball-change. Seriously, one of the best dance teachers I have ever taken from, and a huge mentor to me.

Those are the ones that I know of, feel free to add in more!!! Lets get ready for the dancing season and show Portland we can act, sing AND DANCE!!!


Find AMAZING babysitters at barre3 with Sitter Soiree!

February 11, 2010

Need some help finding an educated, trustworthy, reliable and creative babysitter?

Let us introduce you to a pool of brilliant, educated and experienced babysitters while noshing on goodies. You’ll have a chance to meet, greet and connect with a wonderful pool of babysitting candidates selected by Sitter Soiree in a fun, comfortable setting.

You’ll leave the Soiree with an exclusive “Sitter Book” complete with a bio, contact information and photo of each sitter. When the time comes to hire a sitter you contact the sitter directly, you conduct interviews, you set the schedule and you choose the right sitter for your family.

Space is limited, so register today!!!

Our sitters work all over the PDX Metro area including Lake O, Beaverton, Vancouver, Oregon City, etc. Some of our sitters are looking for consistent weekly work while others are searching for evening and weekend supplemental work. Whatever your circumstance, we have got you covered.

The cost to attend the Soiree is $45.00.

No costly agency fees.

Sunday, February 21st
Barre 3
1000 NW Marshall (Pearl District)

Space is limited…register today at

Spread the word!!