My booty loves barre3


from Jessica Zanhow’s blog:

Sadie Lincoln, the founder of Barre 3, is a savvy entrepreneur, a mom, an athlete. Barre 3 is about balance, and focuses on achieving balance through principals from a few different modalities such as yoga, pilates, ballet. Sadie is also catering to a vital group of women in Portland, moms. She’s implemented a childcare center on-site, so moms can make room for their fitness routines and even some shopping while down in the Pearl.

What do I love about Barre3?
My booty loves Barre 3. It’s seriously getting firmer. I love that it’s about experimenting with movement and observing how your body feels with minute adjustments. Such a parallel to life in that, no? We make all these tiny little adjustments that gradually bring us in line with our purpose. I love that at Barre 3 I am in the company of inspiring, beautiful, supportive women. I love the sense of community Sadie has created through her collaboration with other local businesses, and through her incorporation of a childcare center.

One Response to “My booty loves barre3”

  1. suzy Says:

    I would like to purchase the DVD but I live in the UK and just wanted to check first that it would work on my DVD player, in the past I have bought Stott Pilates DVDs from the States and they haven’t worked. Thanks, Suzy

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