Article in NW Kids – May 2009 issue


Mom Hip Tip

If you’re a busy parent of a young child, chances are you have mastered life one-handed—from ordering your morning coffee, using your keys to open the door, to brushing your teeth at night. As your reward, you have the Mom Hip.

Sadie Lincoln has studied body alignment for more than 15 years and has incorporated its principles into her pilates-yoga-ballet program at the Barre3 studio. She says she can spot clients who have children within the first few minutes of her class by the imbalance caused by the Mom Hip. “The shoulder on one side is slightly elevated, one hip is higher than the other, and the feet are unevenly weighted,” she notes.

How we stand on our feet directly impacts our alignment. “In Mom Hip mode, we are weighted more on the foot under the hip that is jetting out (the baby’s “chair”). This uneven distribution of weight puts too much pressure on the lateral part of the knee,” says Lincoln.

The fix:

  1. Feet First The first step to reshaping your body alignment is being conscious of the pattern. Take note of how you stand. Shift your weight so you are evenly weighted on each foot. By doing this you level the hips and stand taller.
  2. Elevator Doors To level your hips from side to side, imagine elevator doors closing in on the sides of the hips as you draw your navel slightly in and up. The action of doors closing in while you stabilize your core will help you level your pelvis to the neutral position that’s optimum for low back health.
  3. Soft Shoulders Now take a deep inhale as you widen your shoulder blades away from each other. Exhale. Melt your shoulders down your back, away from your ears so you have a nice long neck.

These adjustments can help alleviate long-term discomfort associated with the Mom Hip and help all parents stand tall again.

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