Crave Crush Interviews Portland’s barre3


barre3 is an exercise studio blending the grace of ballet barre work with the wisdom of yoga and the strength of Pilates. barre3 classes improve posture and core strength while lengthening and lifting the whole body. The barre3 flagship studio is located in Portland’s Pearl District, and the studio offers classes seven days per week, plus and childcare. barre3 will be licensed in 2009 with plans to open more locations. We asked proprietress Sadie Lincoln to answer some business and personal questions for our upcoming book, CRAVE Portland: The Urban Girl’s Manifesto.

How would you describe your business in three words?
Balanced, vigorous, effective.

What are the most popular or best selling products or services?
The most popular barre3 classes are while we offer childcare in the mornings. Clients love the convenience of accomplishing a highly effective 60-minute workout with kids in tow!

People may be surprised to know…
The 3 in barre3 symbolizes balance. Balance in the body, in the mind, and in life. barre3 classes are designed to transform the body to one of equal balance, strength and flexibility. The barre3 license model is based on the notion that work is a balanced and integrated part of life rather than a chore.

What was the inspiration or motivation behind starting your business?
My two kids and husband are my inspiration. I wanted to great a company around being a Mom and an active public servant. In the past working felt like a chore. Today, my career is an integrated part of my life and I love it!

Who is your role model or mentor?
Mark Mastrov, the founder of 24 Hour Fitness. I have worked with him for the past 11 years and continue to learn from him.

Where is the best place to get a pedicure/manicure?
Spa Lala. It is a stylish sweet little spot (woman owned) my daughter and I go to for girl time.

Where is the best place to find gifts?
New Seasons Market. It is convenient and they have a good selection of cool local inspired gifts.

What is your favorite salon?
FYI in the Pearl District. Shoreh, the owner, is a gem.

What is the best gym or fitness club?
I don’t go to a gym or fitness club. barre3 combined with hiking is the best fitness combination for me. ( I am, of course, biased on this one!)

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