barre3 featured at SHOP Symposium/09


Sadie Lincoln, founder of barre3, will be a guest panelist at the upcoming SHOP Symposium on Monday April 6th, at the Portland Performing Arts Center.  Her session is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs thrive in these tough economic times. 

About SHOP Symposium:

Even though Portland is ahead of the curve when it comes to entrepreneurial gusto and small business success, there’s no hiding it—these are tough times on the small biz front. If you are a small business owner, retailer or service business, you have felt the effects of the hard-hit economy. Don’t lose hope! Now is the time to beef up your vocabulary, your expertise, and your know-how. Now is the time to learn new strategies from experts who have been in your shoes.

Please join us on Monday, April 6th, for SHOP Symposium/09, featuring 35 of Portland’s finest success stories who will band together to share expertise, educate and inspire. Learn from local business leaders who are surging past the economic slump in spades. Participating in high energy panel sessions, our featured speakers will give you the floor to ask the questions most important to you. During lunch by Art Bar, four lucky audience members will receive 15-minute business strategy makeovers LIVE on stage with Lisa Johnson, Creator of the Free Agent Formula.

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