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Bar None

Come the end of the week and we’re usually looking back and wondering where the time went. Between work, our social life, our BF, and finding a little bit of “me” time, we can barely utter the word “exercise,” let alone find the time to actually “do” exercise.

Well, we may have just found the answer to our exercise dilemma. Barre3, which just opened in the Pearl, offers a fun 60-minute workout that incorporates ballet barre work, yoga, and Pilates all in one (core-work to the max!). Plus clients receive personal instruction in each group class, so it’s like having your own personal trainer without the hefty price tag. With classes offered seven days a week and childcare options, there’s really no excuse for us not to get our butts in gear for fall.

No experience necessary—just grab your yoga clothes that are still unopened from last year’s “I will work out” phase and get your booty over to Barre3. We’ll see you there! (We so look forward to bringing back the tummy-hugging cotton dresses!)


2 Responses to “Mention in Portland Picks”

  1. Jen Says:

    As a mother of 2 children and 2 separate business, I CANNOT say enough about how much I love Barre 3. As you can imagine, I do not have a ton of spare time, so it was important for me to find a program I enjoyed, and would stick with. I was hooked after my first class, and have been attending classes 3 x week for the past month. I have already noticed a definite shift in my body, stamina and overall fitness attitude. Thank you Chris and Sadie, and all of the wonderful instructors. I am looking forward to my new summer bod!

  2. sadie Says:

    You are so welcome Jen! I am so happy barre3 is working for you!

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