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2 Responses to “Welcome to the barre3 blog”

  1. Kristen Kingsbury Says:

    This place has changed my life!

    I am a very busy working mom of 4 (yes 4!!) who has always felt like I was in shape. After having my fourth child, I realized my fitness regimen was no longer working for me. When I did have the time or energy for exercise, I often left the gym feeling unsatisfied and quite unfulfilled. Even when I signed up for personal training sessions and following the recommendations on specific moves tailored to me, I felt bored by it shortly therafter.

    When I went to Barre3 for the first time, I knew I had found something incredibly unique. Movements spanning little more than an inch have changed my body comepletely: always strengthening and lengthening, with a workout that my body craves.

    I have core strength I never had before in my life and I only workout two days a week. By the time my sore muscles recover from sundays workout, I re-engage them by wednesday for the ultimate in continuous progression towards my goals.

    If you have ever felt strong in your life, come to these classes for the ultimate humbling experience! Stop wasting your time working muscle by muscle and work muscle groups together to make the most of your workout. Find your core strength at Barre3 and forget everything else!

  2. sadie Says:

    Kristen, YOU are inspiring. 4 kids and you manage time for yourself?! Thank you for taking 60 precious minutes out of your day for our classes!

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